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  • Lvl4: Managed Lifecycle+

WarpCare PremiumPlus

  • Customised Mobile Policy Development and Measurements
  • On site education and training
  • T1 Support for end users and administrators
  • Logistics management including spare units
  • Custom performance comparisons and reporting
  • Expert help with analytics and risk management
  • WarpCare Security Encryption products
  • Development of your Enterprise CloudApp Store

Level 4 Deliverables

As a premium service, WarpCare strive to equip your team to address your specific requirements of your mobile strategy via consulting services to create and deliver a Statement of Work (SoW). 

Workshops, led by our most experienced consultants, provide the leadership and insight for you to turn mobile use into your competitive advantage.  Application experience is shared and application templates are available for trials and proof of concepts.

Customers can now create new projects fast. Access to application development resources is facilitated to fuel your appetite for progress.  More advanced requirements for security, encryption, data capture and mobile solutions are specified and validated.

You still receive all the data capture, analysis, reporting and assistance to manage mobile but with Lifecycle Plus you can now set higher goals and objectives.

Customer Outcomes

Our goal is to help customers progress with confidence and results in focus.  Ensuring we help you achieve short term wins and real improvements helps drive business and user demand.

A streamlined program to improve device service, support and logistics is combined with ensuring you have implemented appropriate controls.Access to consulting and business advice helps your team with new sources of innovation and the resources to deliver advanced projects.

You can create your overall mobility strategy together with the tools to make it happen.

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