WarpCare Entry Level

  • Mobile device enrolment and device discovery
  • Device quarantine and approval
  • Policy and configuration management
  • Visibility of and into devices
  • Mobility Intelligence™ dashboards
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Real time compliance engine
  • Remote support tools
  • Policy management

Level 1 Deliverables

A cloud based software solution that helps you quickly build your mobile asset registry and connect with authenticated users.  This cloud solution – is the foundation software for all WarpCare Services.  Learn to support BYO device initiatives and the most appropriate ways to implement company policy.

The features of this service are well described in the User Guide and on line. You can start now to learn more about our Self Service option through the free trial and on line.

WarpCare helps you fast track your mobile management capabilities without the need for complex integration or expensive on site training.

Using the Self Service option, companies can quickly build your data and learn how to set policies, restrictions, rules and other aspects of mobile device management.

Customer Outcomes

An efficient, fast way to get your team on top of mobile management

Avoid over loading your team with on site IT changes and expensive integration

Extensive self help tools including a wide assortment of training videos, webinars and documents that your team can use to build their understanding and confidence

Reduce support costs and improve meeting company policies in regard to mobile use

A great starting point in capturing data about your mobile devices and user profiles

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