WarpCare Base Level

  • All of the same features as the Self Service cloud based solution plus
  • Support to provision your images where required
  • Assist you in policy creation and management
  • Review and benchmark your mobile data and exception reporting
  • Provide assistance in Incident Investigation and reporting
  • Understand how to enforce mobile security and disciplines
  • Plus we give you the capability to perform instant messaging with your users

Level 2 Service Deliverables

We assist you taking a step up in the implementation of WarpCare's cloud solution and provide you check points and advice to ensure progress is made and results achieved. 

You can create your mobile asset register to capture user profiles, device configuration and software data to develop reports that highlight trends, exceptions and remedies.

Watch lists and action orientated drill down analysis is available  to identify and resolve mobile concerns.

Warp Care Instant Messaging (IM) is enabled for you to communicate with your users in new and innovative ways fast and easily.   Use IM to start to communicate and connect with your workforce and users to increase collaboration and responsiveness.

Customer Outcomes

Still the most efficient and effective way to put mobility management into action

A great way to get started quickly and avoid complex implementation and resource drain while demonstrating progress and added mobility value within your business.

WarpCare guides and coaching helps you build capability and confidence with your administration, support teams and users!

A strong way to start to manage and reduce your total cost of ownership through the use of the most appropriate and automated mobile management service.

Move at your own pace and establish priorities and goals that can be measured and achieved.

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